Machine learning


Offer machine learning solutions that covers a variety of complicated business problems, and predict complex customer behaviour as per their requirements in a cost-effective way. We provide ML services to improve customer experience, optimize business operation and accelerate innovation.

We help organizations in solving key business challenges, creating innovative business models and enabling data-driven decision making. We build future-ready ML-powered applications by using advance techniques such as computational intelligence, pattern recognition, nature-inspired algorithms etc.

Our Machine Learning expertise include;

Artificial intelligence

Abnoy Enterprises provide quick intelligence service to drive the workflow of your entire organization smartly. Our AI services includes;

  • Modernizing your contact center
  • Improving safety and security
  • Personalized recommendation
  • Automated code reviews
  • Advanced text analytics
  • Demand forecasting
  • Documents analysis
  • Real time search
  • Transcription
  • Text to speech
  • Image & video analysis
  • Big data

    We provide a real-time insights of our customer’s business processing, with the help of our big data analytics considering the four Vs of big data that are velocity, variety, volume and veracity. Experts at Abnoy Enterprises solve your big data challenges by;

    • Consulting
    • Support
    • Optimization
    • Interoperability
    • Recovery
    Computer vision

    We help our customers to extract valuable and useful information or data from images as well as biometrics, face recognition, AR and transportation etc, along with computer vision algorithms. Computer vision expertise include;

    • Face recognition and detection
    • Video analytics
    • Emotion analysis
    • Image processing
    • Optical character recognition
    • Object detection
    Computer analytics

    we provide our customers;

    • Machines to understand speech and text like humans
    • Find topics in text document
    • Answer questions to automate client’s services
    • Build chatbots
    Predictive analytics

    we provide reliable, scalable and cutting-edge solutions to take preemptive actions for your better business outcomes and minimize the risk to achieve required desirable results. You can use predictive analysis to;

    • Gain deeper insight into data
    • Understand customers better
    • Identify trends and patterns
    • Predict behavior
    • Boost business performance
    • Drive strategic decision making